Thursday, July 9, 2015

Digital Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2015-2016

Online Marketing Trends & Prediction

For Year 2015-2016, Online Marketing/Branding Trends are little different. Which includes
  • Mobile Trend
  • Content Marketing Trend
  • Email Marketing Trend
  • Marketing Automation Trend
  • Social Media Trend

Infographics about Digital Marketing Trends

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why Content is so important in SEO ?

Why Content for SEO - Infographics

In this infographics, You will get the information about Why Content is so important in SEO

Header Points
  1. The Crowded Landscape
  2. How we got here?
  3. Why content works?
  4. Why Buy In?
  5. Content = Life of the Party
  6. How it's created?
  7. What's next?

Source: Pinterest